Open Space event 21 March 2013

The Challenge

Our culture believes that we require to be directed and controlled; that leaders need to give direction and that they should be supported by scrutiny methods to ensure we comply. The perceptions that evolve from this basic belief are conditioned into us all. Challenging these preconceptions in ourselves and others can be uncomfortable. [Read more...]

We Value

1) People, their basic desire to do a good job and be valued, structured learning, and systems thinking.
2) The many forward thinkers throughout society.
3) On-line and off-line connections and contributions between, to and from these forward thinkers.
4) Learning
5) The application of learning [Read more...]

Aspects of this Site

1) Static pages which describe the group, provide knowledge, articles, case studies, various links, training courses, a list of events etc.
2) A dynamic element for conversations and dialog.
With these, we involve forward thinkers in the progressive development of the knowledge available and stimulate change in society.