Should we Petition the Scottish Parliament?

An early task for 2012 that you may wish to mull over in the coming break:

Following on from our Holyrood stand (22-24th November ‘11) an option we have is to submit a petition to The Scottish Parliament. You can view details re petitions from It is worth a quick scan. We only need one signature for the petition.

 Some background notes:

  • We had excellent conversations with a good third of the MSPs
  • They do recognise that there is waste within the Public Sector systems and a major contributor is the Command and Control culture.
  • They are also aware of examples of the significant improvement secured when alternative approaches are adopted.
  • It is unlikely that they will be familiar with such concepts as “Systems Thinking,” and  “Intrinsic Motivation”
  • They take seriously their responsibility to “manage the public purse.” Their approach at present is to monitor “outcomes” and ask for continual improvement of these outcomes – management by measureable figures
  • MSPs as our representatives are there to represent how the electorate think. It is not their place to be too far ahead of the electorate.
  • It is a very large step to move from successful examples to the actual change in the underlying thinking of the whole. The whole would comprise MSPs, Civil Servants, Councillors, Public Servants and importantly, the thinking of the electorate. Any change effort does require to involve the whole.
  • Mike Russell did ask for us to submit a strategy to stimulate change.


  • Should we raise a Petition?
  • What should we Petition?
  • What should be the wording of the Petition?

Please do express your views.