Human Resource Management has traditionally been neglected and undervalued.

From Welfare to Personnel to Human Resources, the so called ‘People Asset’ (or more traditionally the  ‘labour’, from land, labour and capital) has been neglected as a worthwhile career,  field of knowledge or a strategic partner to the business.

Typically, Personnel Staff, came from the Admin, Secretarial pool, or Works Welfare organisation and were held in very poor regard, not least of all for their lack of education and inability to contribute to the business debate.   Sure, this has gradually changed over the last fifty years, but there remains a massive legacy of old traditional management that ignores the best in HRM.  I suspect thats especially true in the Public Sector.

Business and organisations are all about ‘People’.  We all know that.  Yet we fail to get to grips with the most elementary psychology of employees.  All Managers and Leaders, Company Directors, Ministers, Executives, should first and foremost be Human Resource Managers, if only to understand some of the rudiments of people motivation.

There is a simple system by Roger D’Aprix, a Canadian communication guru, that suggests six easy steps for getting employees aligned with the management and organisation.  It’s based on what the employee needs, nothing more or less.  Its mostly intrinsic motivation.