Do we need a different name?

The Unreasonable Learners Name

Many people have expressed the view that the name for our network “The Unreasonable Learners” is not appropriate. We are not unreasonable.

 Carol Craig has suggested the name OWLS

With the captions being:

Openness Wisdom Learning Society Network

Opportunity to apply Wisdom to create a Learning Society

What do members think – in context of the name OWLS and in context of the caption that goes with the name?

Are there other suggestions?

Footnote: Carol was also mentioning that the phrase “Learning Society” has been high jacked in that it is being used to focus on improving our existing education system and create a society full of “learned” people. It is not being directed to establishing a means of learning in context of the systems that characterise our society.

Feedback please – I will try to put this on the discussion pages.