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Plan ‘B’ Event 22nd July Outcomes have been submitted


Attendees of the above event might find it helpful to revisit The B Team website and in particular look at the stories of those organisations participating in the Plan B for Business Stories

“How might The B Team help amplify or catalyse what you are already doing in your organisation as part of a Plan B for Business?”
Use the Plan B brand to create awareness, champion the role model and new thinking and to build a network of businesses who share our common vision and who sign the “pledge” and strive collectively to live the principles, matching Plan B opportunities to the network’s resources. In return for demonstrating this, they can co-brand with Plan B. Living the principles would include redefining legacy power structures by democratising decision-making and discouraging market domination.

“What are the most transformative, scalable and systemic solutions that could advance the three Challenges we have announced?” (focus on just 1 if you want)
(a) Redefine the bottom line to incorporate the new values i.e. to include setting profit against people and planet costs (over time) and then promote and adopt objectives and new incentives in line with the new values. This might include taking a circular economy approach.

(b) Apply incentives to the collective not the individual; make them apply over a longer term; reward performance against “whole planet”objectives; remove financial bonuses.

(c)  Encourage the view that leaders are servants who “show not tell” and “guide rather than drive”; facilitate the development of a new business language (e.g. stop using the word management) that democratises power.

As part of a Plan B for business, we need to reflect on what the fundamental role of business is. If you could add one statement to the new ‘Charter’ that redefines the purpose of business, to make it a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit what would it say?”

Business must mindfully monitor and measure the impact of all of its decisions and actions and must align itself towards a broader definition of progress that is commensurate with a sustainable future for our people and our planet.

Unreasonable Learners – Stirling / Central Scotland Group Update

URL Stirling / Central Scotland Group met on 24th June and held a workshop to look at the core values and activities we wanted to adopt and take forward. We had an excellent session and the outputs are detailed below. As a result of this we will be meeting again in September to review our progress and agree what next. Please look out for the date and come along.

~ Core Values and Activities, as decided upon through our interactive dialogue process.

Group Values
Most Supported:
– energy and purposeful action
– listening
– open minded
– positivity
– risk taking

Next Best
– big thinking
– learning from each other
– willingness to engage and commit
– being brave

Other Possibilities
– Understanding that numbers matter
– outcome / results driven
– teaching
– present
– truth
– trust

Group Activities
Most supported
– Stirling LinkedIn Group, Webpage, Twitter, Update UL site re meeting etc
– Engaging with structures & organisations (social, political, civic and economic) to achieve change
– Spearheading a campaign to communicate a different management process. Media, PR, word of mouth
– Enriched learning for myself and others within group
– back to basics and human spirit development on a corporate level

Next Best
– press releases
– talks and discussions
– connect and communicate outwardly, engage and share learning

Other Possibilities
– regularity of action, within a flexible framework
– engage with current civic groups, parent councils, health boards, etc
– Did you know campaign…
– Present a clear image of the society we want to see (‘I have a dream’)
– PR / Media

Any questions or queries just ask ….

Many Thanks

UL’s Stirling/ Central Scotland Group

Help Create Curiosity……

Thanks for coming to the Unreasonable Learners (UL) hosting of the B team Kick Off event on Monday 22 July. You contributed to a fantastic evening and judging by the feedback and the buzz at the event everyone made it a great success.

We will shortly be announcing the date of the next event for those who did not manage to secure a place for Monday evening. Can I ask you please to spread the work about the Unreasonable learners and the B team Kick-off event that will be held in early September, specific date to follow.

The Unreasonable Learners Network believes the best way to increase awareness of what the UL and the B Team are about is to increase curiosity… rather than sell these new emerging ideas directly.  I would like to ask you a favour:  Would you please use your social media networks to help us achieve greater curiosity, such as by posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as you prefer.  The UL have a LinkedIn group Unreasonable Learners which we would be pleased if you would join and a Twitter account @Unrslearners, which of course you can follow. If you haven’t already done so, please join the UL’s mailing list at Use the “Join Us” tab.

I will also advise you of the next event in due course and if you can again create curiosity to gain interest and bring together like-minded “early adopters” that would be marvellous.


I would like to thank you again for your enthusiastic and innovative contribution to Monday’s event.


Cheers Fiona