Help Create Curiosity……

Thanks for coming to the Unreasonable Learners (UL) hosting of the B team Kick Off event on Monday 22 July. You contributed to a fantastic evening and judging by the feedback and the buzz at the event everyone made it a great success.

We will shortly be announcing the date of the next event for those who did not manage to secure a place for Monday evening. Can I ask you please to spread the work about the Unreasonable learners and the B team Kick-off event that will be held in early September, specific date to follow.

The Unreasonable Learners Network believes the best way to increase awareness of what the UL and the B Team are about is to increase curiosity… rather than sell these new emerging ideas directly.  I would like to ask you a favour:  Would you please use your social media networks to help us achieve greater curiosity, such as by posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as you prefer.  The UL have a LinkedIn group Unreasonable Learners which we would be pleased if you would join and a Twitter account @Unrslearners, which of course you can follow. If you haven’t already done so, please join the UL’s mailing list at Use the “Join Us” tab.

I will also advise you of the next event in due course and if you can again create curiosity to gain interest and bring together like-minded “early adopters” that would be marvellous.


I would like to thank you again for your enthusiastic and innovative contribution to Monday’s event.


Cheers Fiona