Unreasonable Learners – Stirling / Central Scotland Group Update

URL Stirling / Central Scotland Group met on 24th June and held a workshop to look at the core values and activities we wanted to adopt and take forward. We had an excellent session and the outputs are detailed below. As a result of this we will be meeting again in September to review our progress and agree what next. Please look out for the date and come along.

~ Core Values and Activities, as decided upon through our interactive dialogue process.

Group Values
Most Supported:
– energy and purposeful action
– listening
– open minded
– positivity
– risk taking

Next Best
– big thinking
– learning from each other
– willingness to engage and commit
– being brave

Other Possibilities
– Understanding that numbers matter
– outcome / results driven
– teaching
– present
– truth
– trust

Group Activities
Most supported
– Stirling LinkedIn Group, Webpage, Twitter, Update UL site re meeting etc
– Engaging with structures & organisations (social, political, civic and economic) to achieve change
– Spearheading a campaign to communicate a different management process. Media, PR, word of mouth
– Enriched learning for myself and others within group
– back to basics and human spirit development on a corporate level

Next Best
– press releases
– talks and discussions
– connect and communicate outwardly, engage and share learning

Other Possibilities
– regularity of action, within a flexible framework
– engage with current civic groups, parent councils, health boards, etc
– Did you know campaign…
– Present a clear image of the society we want to see (‘I have a dream’)
– PR / Media

Any questions or queries just ask ….

Many Thanks

UL’s Stirling/ Central Scotland Group