About Us


We describe ourselves under the the following headings Cooperation, Scotland, Pupose, The Challenge, What We Value, Our Opportunities.


Cooperation: There are many forward thinking groups and individuals throughout our society. They have similar aims. They invariably wish to contribute to the continued development of organisations and society. At present  we all work disparately and the Status Quo find it easy to ignore our challenging message. What if we all cooperated? What if we respected our differences and worked together?  Could we become a significant driving force for modernisation and progress? The intention of the Unreasonable Learners is to facilitate this cooperation.


Scotland: The Unreasonable Learners was first established in Scotland, with our initial aim to transform the thinking of Scottish Society. We are a nation of approximately 5 million people. While we recognise the enormity of this initial task we have no wish to limit our scope. In fact we are going to require the assistance of international thought leaders across the world, especially those who are willing to identify with our initial aim of modernising thought in Scotland.


Purpose: The purpose of the Unreasonable Learners is to lift the human spirit by exploring new ways of working together within organisations. Our shared goal is to enhance the quality of life.


The Challenge: There already exists extensive knowledge in the field of social science. Unfortunately little of this knowledge is applied in the field of management – “For too long there has been a mismatch between what science knows and what business does”(from Dan Pink in his book “Drive – The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us”) In fact the practice of “management” over the past decades has been getting worse. It has been drifting towards short term fixes with little regard for the people working within organisations (see article “Management Drift” (still to be loaded))

To address this challenge we have to recognise that all parts of our society are interrelated. In the past we have transformed a part at a time. The improvement has not been sustained because the status quo has been able to push back any progress achieved.  Somehow we have to address the whole.


What we Value: 

  • The spirit, intrinsic motivation and integrity of the individual.
  • Individuals in the family, the community and the organisation (personal, social and work contexts). We value the individual in their whole environment.
  • Organisations, right from the two-to-three person voluntary group right up to national organisations through to multinationals.
  • Knowledge and its continued development.
  • Thinking before action.
  • Learning and the application of knowledge.



Our Opportunities:  In today’s world there are opportunities that the Unreasonable Learners can make use of – for example:

  • There are many, many forward thinkers throughout our society. If we work together then we can form a formidable influential group.
  • The Internet will allow us to connect to a critical mass of those demanding change.
  • There is a growing discontent with present structures.
  • The gradual recognition that Change is not going to come from our present “leaders.” It is not in their interests.
  • There has been extensive research into “management” and the social sciences over the past decades. The findings have yet to be applied within most of our organisations.
  • Our innate and altruistic nature and our desire to contribute and be valued.