There is a lot of knowledge out there – and on this page we are providing the links to some videos that we believe are well worth viewing.

Do let us know what you think of these videos and please help us identify others that should be in this list.

As on other pages we have provided a list with a link to further descriptions which then provides the link to the video itself.

Dan Pink on Motivation

John Seddon on studying and transforming the performance of systems

Peter Senge videos

David Erdal on Employee Ownership

Cooperative Development Scotland

Manfred Hellrigl on developing social capital

Owen Barder on Complex Adaptive Systems

Gael Ltd on Systems thinking

Ken Ronbinson – and others – on our Education system – please visit our “Education” page

Dan Pink on Motivation

These three videos support his excellent book ” Drive – The Surprising Truth about what Motivates us.”

  • A 11 minute u-tube presentation made available by the RSA. It effectively uses cartoons to make the point that bonuses (and targets) rather than motivating us has the opposite effect.  It reduces our commitment to the complexity of out jobs. An excellent must see video that is proving to be extremely popular. – see
  • an 18 minute presentation by Dan Pink – “The Suprising Science on Motivation” – see
  • A 41 minute Dan Pink presentation, made available through RSA, “Drive, The Surprising Truth about what Motivates US” see

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John Seddon

John Seddon and his Vanguard Consultancy have made a significant impact, not only from the wide range of projects that have achieved transformational change but also from John’s forthright and sometimes uncomfortable presentations. It is worth viewing these videos to appreciate his thinking and his background.

  • This is a 39 minute presentation by John to the California Faculty Association. While talking to US Universities his primary theme is the UK public sector and the disasters of the “Target” mentality of Government. One of his comments is that we have spent millions on public sector reform – and made it worse. And another that change is an emergent property emanating from “knowledge” In particular knowledge about the system and how it works. Well worth taking the time to view this video –
  • John strongly believes in learning by doing, which he refers to as “Normative” learning. This is a 5 minute video showing Haley a young sales manager struggling with recognition that 95% of outputs is a function of the working environment rather than the hard work of the individual.
  • This is a 30 minutes personal history of John, going from his early years as a psychologist, then recognising that it is not people who you have to change but the organisation. And his evolving recognition that change is secured by studying and changing the system – especially at the customer interface. In this way the staff see the problem for themselves and effect change themselves.

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Peter Senge

Peter is a World authority on Systems Thinking with his now famous book “The Fifth Discipline.” he is also a renown teacher. David Fraser submitted this series of clips from an interview with Peter. In his words:
The PowerPoint file at the following link contains several short videos (a few minutes) of Peter talking about familiar issues, in his usual very clear way. I would go as far as to urge you to watch them because I think they help considerably. The clarity of Peter’s discourse is I believe a critical component of his success in influencing “the system” and something I for one aspire to achieving. I think it’s a necessary condition for any of this change work we are all engaged in, so part of the value of the videos is to notice how clear he is. I think so anyway.

The presentation is geared around the Society of Organizational Learning’s activities in North America, but it’s fully relevant nevertheless, because Peter has such long experience of leading change on a large scale.

In case you’re not familiar with the process, you need to put PowerPoint into presentation mode, go to the appropriate slides and click on the image of Peter and others sitting in conversation.
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David Erdal

David has a fascinating history leading to taking over as CEO of the family paper manufacturing business Tullis Russell and eventually passing ownership over to the employees. He is passionate about employee ownership. His latest book is “Beyond the Corporation – Humanity Working” looks at employee ownership in Europe and America and provides the evidence to show that this form of organisation is more effective than shareholder owned companies,  in both the short and the long term.

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Manfred Hellrigl

Manfred, an Austrian, has made remarkable progress in capturing the inherent commitment and intelligence with communities in Austria – developing existing social capital. This is a gentle 55 minute presentation of his approach and the examples in Austria of how communities take responsibility for envisioning the future and taking responsibility for it. Manfred works closely with our own Colin Campbell.
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Owen Barder

Owen Barder, from the Centre for Global Develop in Europe, from the basis of economics talks about complex adaptive system, and the need to set up learning systems across society. This is a really excellent presentation.
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Cooperative Development Scotland

This is a 12 minute video on Employee ownership talking to various participants in a range of companies.
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Gael Ltd

This is Gael’s 10 minute video on Systems Thinking. It is a sales pitch but has a good introduction to systems thinking.
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