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There is an Unreasonable Learners group on the KILTR website where additional material, further resources and discussion threads are available and at work. Select the link, register or sign in, and search for and join the Unreasonable Learners group here:

Reform Scotland provide a summary of what is being reported in the Scottish media if you wish to be kept uptodate on daily basis email with “subscribe” as the subject.

Simon Caulkin wrote a weekly management column at the Observer for 16 years, from 1993 to June 2009. He says “Over that time what started out as the expression of a few loosely related – sometimes even contradictory – personal prejudices turned imperceptibly into something else: ‘Observer management’, or if you like a jointly-created manifesto for a ‘management for the rest of us’.

“The mechanism that accomplished this miracle was an email address, printed at the bottom of the column. Feedback. A system! Readers wrote in to suggest, praise, complain – and almost always urge me to take the ideas further; with the result that after 15 years of testing and iteration they had cohered into a radical systemic view almost completely opposed to the current reductive, numbers-driven orthodoxy. Never mind what the books said – this was how management was experienced, and it mostly wasn’t a pretty sight.”
Simon always says something to make you think. Here’s the link to Simon’s website where you can read all his articles and if you so wish subscribe to receive his most recent contributions.

Vanguard Consulting (John Seddon), through the interventions they undertake, are particularly focused on helping organisations change the way they think about the system, the organisation, the role of managers, and the nature of human motivation. Here are the links to the key Vanguard websites: