For too long, there has been a mismatch between what science knows and what business does”
Daniel Pink
“If we are to understand a newer and still evolving world; if we are to educate people to live in that world; if we are to legislate for that world; if we are to abandon categories and institutions that belong to a vanished world, as it is well-nigh desparate that we should; then knowledge must be rewritten.”
Stafford Beer
Re: “Everything before was wrong.”
“Wrong” is probably not the best way to think about it. Given the concerns of their day, Ptolemy’s model worked but in working created new problems. Eventually its predictive power hit a wall of inconsistency, complexity and contradiction. The Copernican model, that turned Ptolemy upside down, itself to be more powerful in explanation and prediction.
But the power of the Copernican model that seems so obvious today, was not readily apparent in its time. Common sense and reason placed the Earth at the center. Overthrowing the old model with the new was not simply a matter of better explanation. The new undermined the common sense if its age. The role of man in the universe. The meaning of life. The nature of God.
Understanding Deming requires a shift of similar magnitude. He undermines the common sense of our age. There are no true facts. Within a system causes cannot be assigned. Experience teaches nothing. Nothing can be known without theory. Money is not a motivator, etc.
Marc Hersh