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American Professional Football League (NFL) 2013 season, the first round of the playoffs in Beijing on January 8 will be launched, the Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints vs. eye-catching, and STAR Sports, European football more media platforms will also be broadcast live to the game. Also began selling NFL jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys large businesses who will not miss this good opportunity. There are many differences of cheap authentic nfl jerseys, we know that the NBA, first of all, American League and National League District 6 district playoff team, in addition to the division title, there are two good results, the team can qualify for the However, to be fair In the first round of the playoffs, the two partitions top two seeds, holidays qualifications obtained in the first week of the playoffs as a wild card race heading. Top seed although not involved, but the NFL wild card race is very exciting, has repeatedly staged wild card classic tale of the dark horse to win the Super Bowl, but for the Detroit Lions, more dreamy.

cheap authentic nfl jerseys

2009 season for the Detroit Lions do not want to mention is a nightmare to end the regular season record of all lost, in NFL history biggest loser, which is since 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0 wins and 14 losses in the worst results , the situation with the pirates, the lion is one of the veteran teams in the NFL. From the University of Georgia quarterback Matthew - Stafford (Matthew Stafford) is the Motor City's biggest bet, at the same time, they won the draft lottery and Staffordshire to become the worst team in Detroit . authentic nfl jerseys wholesale has been hailed as a savior, to get a good luck, however, entered the league title the previous two seasons, Staffordshire, and with a bench to sit through the relevant associated injuries to passers. Plum blossom from the bitter cold, the Lions will give a hundred percent trust in Staffordshire, this season he's amazing patience, the Lions finally coming harvest season. Staffordshire wide receiver wholesale authentic nfl jerseys with "Megatron Calvin - Johnson perfect match, two people with the tacit understanding that all teams are unprepared, Enda Mu empty - Su has been growing front end of the league," the of the "trump card to defense", said: ": Lions, scoring 29.6 points this season, ranking fourth in the league, Staffordshire spread to 5,038 yards, including 41 touchdowns, which three offensive players and defense is the core of the lion, the basic elements required to dominate the league, but due to lack of experience and the weakness of the team is now the team's performance insurmountable problems, this season's playoffs, the team's record is only 7 - 5, the winning team of more than 50%, is five games inks. Lions on behalf of the future, but this season is not to be optimistic, especially to face the ace quarterback Drew - Brisbane and the New Orleans Saints sophistication.