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    The major challenge we face today is that the knowledge of  “management” that has been developed over the past decades has not been applied in the majority of our organisations. Consultants (both internal and external) do a very worthwhile job in securing progress, enterprise by enterprise or section by section. But instead of learning from these examples, the progress achieved gets eroded back into the status quo thinking within two or three years.

    So somehow we have to address the whole. We have to tackle the status quo thinking that is current across the whole of our society. For example:-  some us might believe that “qualifications” do considerable damage to our education system. They will argue that qualifications (which have an academic flavour) dis-enfrachise 20-30% of our children. But it is not only teachers who demand qualifications but parents and society as a whole. If this issue were to be addressed the need will be to open out discussions across the whole of our society.

    The expectation is that individual Unreasonable Learners will identify an issue, provide a coheret argument, possibly open a discussion, and then ask the rest of us to support him/her. In this way we hope to be influential in a whole range of issues.

    Are you aware of the Avaaz movement? – see  They have secured the support of 8.2 million (and growing) individuals which allows them to put pressure on international concerns. Recent campaigns including attempting to block Rubert Murdoch’s monopoly grip on the British Media and the US torturing of Bradley Manning for leaking information to Wikileaks.

    Any Unreasonable Learners can raise an issue. We are at the very early stages, but you will see that already some participants have identified areas where we might work together. Examples being The Christie Commission, which is looking at The Public Sector in Scotland. That the CIPD is promoting the use of a discredited theory of motivation, in that they are in favour of bonus systems. Another area of opportunity for us might be the Conservative Party’s “Big Society” concept.

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