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    The Government has established a commission under the chairmanship of Campbell Christie to look at the future of the Public Sector in Scotland. It was established in November 2010 with a call for submissions. The remit, call for evidence and membership of the commission can be viewed from Commission re Public Sector – Government remit etc.  The initail closing date for submissions was 31st January 2011. This was subsequently extended to the end of March. They intend to complete their research by the end of June 2011.

    The Commission have stated that it “wants to ensure that its recommendations are founded on evidence.” A concern expressed by some of our participants is that the evidence that they will acknowledge will be only that evidence that fits within the current paradigm of the Government and the members of the Commission. There is a desperate need for the Commission to think differently, and seize the opportunity to transform how the public sector is managed. In particular it has the opportunity to challenge the “Command and Control” culture of the sector and move its focus on how it can make use of the willing contribution of those working in the sector.

    The Deming Learning Network provided its Submission to The Christie Commission at the end of January.

    Peter Hunter, author of “Breaking the Mould” provided his submission – Peter Hunter – Commission for public sector reform

    Dr Tony Miller of Robert Gordon University and The Unreasonable Learners provided the paper Dr Tony Miller – Public Sector – The Desperate Need for Innovation

    The above papers have been acknowledged but other than that there has been no feedback to date (end of April)

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